Mini-landscape Quilt Pattern and Tutorial: Part 1

Our mini-landscape quilt pattern will look something like this

A larger landscape quilt than our current project

Landscape quilting is an extremely rewarding form of self-expression. Here is the 12 x 12-inch mini-landscape quilt pattern that I promised in my last YouTube video. This is a simplified version of the raw-edge applique landscape quilt series that I am currently making on my channel, Zazu’s Stitch Art. Full disclosure: you will need free-motion quilting experience to make this project.

Notes on appropriate fabric choices for landscape quilts. (The lines can blur between these.) And don’t neglect the possibility of bringing in a totally unexpected or whimsical ringer fabric. These can really make a special quilt:

* 100% cotton for now
* traditional calico-type prints
* batiks (only subtle patterns)
* repeating mini prints
* earthy anything that evoke landscapes
* actual landscape fabrics–these are often too literal for my tastes, but if you love them, please go for it!

Each of these fabrics has worked in one of my landscape quilts. Some require special stitching with contrasty thread to add movement to that area or distract from a strong, too-regular pattern repeat. If you click them, they will enlarge. Then back arrow.

STEP ONE: Acquire these materials or similar:

  • Fabric 1 – 12 x 12-inch cotton batting
  • Fabric 2 – 12 x 12-inch backing fabric–noisy fabric, but not necessarily matching your landscape colors
  • Basting spray
  • Fabric 3 – 12 x 6.5-inch light sky fabric
  • Fabric 4 – 12 x 6.5-inch medium green or tan fabric
  • Fabric 5 – 12 x 5-inch dark/rich sky fabric – cut at the bottom as shown below.
  • Fabric 6 – 12 x 5-inch dark/rich green foreground fabric – cut at the top as shown below.
  • Fabric 7 – 12 x 8-inch mountain fabric – cut to shape mountains as shown below. Pre-painting is optional. See Part 1 of the video series: Fabric Painting Mountains (click here) if you might like to do a mini version of these for your project.
  • Wash-away thread for the bobbin (optional).
  • (Optional miscellaneous scraps) – you will need these if you want to add a tree trunk and/or fence later on as pictured in the example.

STEP TWO: Now build your quilt in three layers, following these steps, going up from the bottom:

LAYER 1 – Bottom – Fabric 1 batting goes on top of Fabric 2 backing, spray basting is optional. Place batting side up.

LAYER 2 – Middle Cover the top half of your landscape with Fabric 3, light sky fabric, and cover the bottom half with Fabric 4, medium green or tan fabric. They will overlap by 1 inch.

LAYER 3 – Top Place Fabrics 5, 6 and 7 at the top, bottom, and middle respectively, to represent sky, lush foreground, and mountains.

lets-free-motion-quilt-copySTEP THREE: Finally, pin and baste your layers down the sides with optional washable thread in the bobbin. If you need help with this step, watch Free-Motion a Table Mat (click here), which will start at time stamp 4:33.

Now you’re set for the next step in making our mini-landscape quilts…

In case you haven’t already watched the video for the larger project, click the blue link below. And please let me know it you need additional information to take on this project. BTW, it’s not a competition; it’s a movement. Thanks, Beth/Zazu

Click this link to open this video in a new window on YouTube.landscapr-part-2




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