Mini-landscape Raw-Edge Applique Tutorial: Part 2


GIANT image – Click a few times to see the stitching close up. Here Comes the Sun series.

Mini-landscape Raw-Edge Applique Tutorial: Part 2

Here we will free-motion quilt (FMQ) the 12 x 12-inch mini-landscape that is scaled back from the project covered in my last YouTube video, Free-Motion Quilt Sky & Foreground (this is a link that opens in another window). This is a simplified version of the raw-edge applique landscape quilt series on my channel, Zazu’s Stitch Art (also a link, to my whole channel).

Reminder: never forget that tension is always the thing in FMQ and therefore in this raw-edge applique tutorial. See my tension by double-clicking the large image above twice.


This tutorial is NOT intended to replace the video, because it uses all the same techniques, insights, tips, and instruction covered there. But this mini project IS intended to replace the large, complex project in the video for those who are new to raw-edge applique landscape quilting or for those who are just gaining real confidence with their free-motion quilting skills. This is also a great place to start with a much smaller investment of materials. But fear not–these will be sweet little art pieces to keep or give as special holiday gifts. Plus, at this tiny size, you can go crazy with embellishments if you want to.

Raw-Edge Applique Landscape Protocol

In making raw-edge applique landscape quilts of any size, here is a good general plan of attack, but always think in terms of what will overlap what… This tutorial adapts this protocol, covering Steps 1-2 for this mini quilt.

  1. Stitch wide area across bottom (foreground)
  2. Stitch large areas at the top (sky)
  3. Stitch large center area of interest (mountains)
  4. Stitch remaining areas to fill in the landscape. 
  5. Add interest
  6. Wash & finish quilt
  7. Embellish?

STEPS ONE & TWO: Free-motion quilt the bottom or FOREGROUND and THE SKY. I always like to add a lot of movement to my landscapes.

First, stitch a lot of both areas. I used the same variegated yellow thread on both. Each of these images will enlarge a little if you click them, then back arrow.

16-pro-tip-ffree-motion-hoppingSecond, add more stitching/color/movement to each area with additional fibers. For my mini-landscape quilt, I used red below (you can see evidence of FMQ “hopping.” Hopping is when you carefully switch from free-motion quilting one area to another without properly cutting and pulling up your threads in the new area. I have a quick tip video on that technique: Free-Motion Hopping – click this link to watch it in a separate window.

Then I used metallic gold in my bobbin to add a few lines of interest to the sky. I wish the metallic gold thread showed up more here. It is a subtle highlight in person. If you enlarge the next images all the way by clicking twice, you can see everything very large. You may need to scroll up and down,as well as left and right. You can even see evidence of the thread pile-up (mistake) that I chalk marked for later…

Then I trimmed out the mountains and sky. The images below are both GIANT images. Click twice and scroll around to see as much as you want to.

Next time we will cover STEP THREE: free-motion quilt the mountains. 

Here are related video links that may help…

In a sense, these are prerequisites to this mini project, unless you already know how to do the techniques. Each should open in a new window:

Fabric Painting Mountains video

Layout & Baste Landscape Quilt video

Free-Motion Quilt a Table Mat – this covers everything I have to say about FMQ for this work.

Raw Edge Applique – Intuitive Sewing Basics – this covers all the basics of REA for my projects.


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  1. I have not found one tutorial on beach waves and how to make the white caps or rolling into shore. please help

  2. Just discovered your videos and gift. Thank you.
    I run a women’s center for women trying to heal and your work is what me and my assistant are very jazzed about. We are determined to learn to share with the women searching.
    Thank you so much.

    1. This sounds like very special and important work. I am wondering if I could make a video project tutorial that is just right for their skill level and your equipment and materials… please let me know what type of projects you are planning. And thanks!

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