Mini-landscape Quilt, Mountains & Sky: Part 3


Mini-landscape Quilt, Mountains & Sky: Part 3

landscapr-part-4Now let’s free-motion quilt (FMQ) the mountains, sky, and foreground of our 12 x 12-inch mini-landscape quilt. I covered the mountains and the sky for the poster-size version of this project in my last video, Connect Mountains to Sky | Part 4 Landscape Quilting Tutorial. This is a simplified version of the raw-edge applique landscape quilt series on my channel, Zazu’s Stitch Art on YouTube.

Reminder: it is easy to neglect your tension while free-motion quiltingTension can change for the worse each time you start up in a new location, re-thread the machine, change your bobbin, etc. Feel the stitching under your quilt without looking at it and then turn it over. You will get so you can tell with your fingertips, with the work still in the machine, if something isn’t right. Then you can get a look at what is going on…

STEP ONE: Free-motion quilt and satin-stitch the mountains. I highly recommend looking at mountains you like and then drawing an outline of the mountains on your fabric with chalk or wash-away marker. Or wing it and hope for the best. I do that a lot now. In the beginning, I referred to pictures constantly and drew everything first. (I stitched these on the fly.) Notice that the mountains are not too straight along the bottom.

I used black thread. I knew that making this bright iris fabric work as purple mountains would be a challenge. The kind of challenge that I enjoy setting for myself. (You can decide for yourself whether I pulled it off.) Whenever I am trying to obscure a strong print with stitching, I go for the highest color contrast possible between thread and fabric, sometimes even resorting to heavyweight fibers, and techniques like couching, bobbin-drawing, or artistic and strategic (“wonky”) satin-stitching.

STEP TWO: Free-motion quilt the sky and foreground. All our overlaps have been dealt with, so anything goes… Just have fun and contrast your colors… Click this image to see the details…I know it isn’t perfect…

This was pretty easy…and now we are a step ahead of the videos. We will add our interest (maybe a tree, fence, or stump) concurrent with the large raw-edge landscape we are making in the video project.


A fabric like these irises is pretty risky in a landscape quilt. I’d love to hear your opinion on whether or not the mountains work in this funny little piece…

So please leave me a comment…Beth – Zazu


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