Glue in the bobbin screw…What??!!??…sewing tension hack


I Have Long Felt That Good Tension Pleases the Eye the Way a Beautifully Rendered Song Pleases the Ear

The one we glue

The one we glue

With the two raw-edge landscape quilts I have been making here and on YouTube, I’ve been talking a lot about tension lately. And while I’ve been talking, I’ve been frustrated with my own tension problems. Temporarily, I had forgotten that I already knew the sewing tension hack to solve my problem. In my case, I can actually glue in the bobbin screw nearest the opening where the thread leaves my bobbin case.

Obligatory Disclaimer: Even in the event that you have the same machine that I am using, please seek advice from your own sewing machine tech. Everyone’s situation is different.

My sewing machine has two screws in the bobbin case. One of them has worked itself loose and then lost itself in the carpet repeatedly. It has cost $6 to replace this tiny screw a few times. Finally a local sewing machine tech advised my husband to glue in one of the screws (as with Loctite). If done properly, this works, because I can still adjust my tension using the second screw. I don’t know that this would be a good fix for a bobbin case with only one screw. It takes miles and months of sewing for the glued screw to break loose. The only bummer is that by then, I have usually forgotten about the whole glue-in-the-screw solution.

ttlogoRepeatedly, I have sewn with rapidly loosening tension for a frustratingly long period of time (only a day or two when you sew to sell). One of these episodes was recent. Then I went to bed last night, and I lay awake until I remembered this easy fix. I almost got up and glued the screw in the middle of the night, but I had a dentist appointment this am, so I fell asleep instead.

Anyway, today my screw is freshly glued, my tension stays adjusted for many bobbins in a row, and life is good again. The moral of this story: please find a good sewing machine tech, and trust him or her.


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3 thoughts on “Glue in the bobbin screw…What??!!??…sewing tension hack”

  1. Would be wise to buy a new bobbin case, problem solved and you’ll be sewing again without any issues, certainly cheaper than replacing screws routinely 🙂

  2. Lol. Oh do have a great market day. Glue, who would a thunk it ? Right? Lol. Revisiting your tutorials in order to now dig back in to retry again. As my knowledge and skill level has improved. I still use my half clothespin. Also a new tool I discovered in my arsenal. The orange wood stick! YAY! 13 cents if it breaks I have 2 . Lol. My first go round of projects were kindergarten like and well kind of embarrassing lol. Try try again. FOREVER GLAD I FOUND YOU

    1. Thanks for commenting, Diana. Yes, keep going. You sew beautifully, and free-motion quilting is not as easy as it looks! I’m so glad we have connected. So glad to know you are sticking with me, Beth

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