5 thoughts on “After White Sulphur landscape: finished wall quilt”

    1. No, I am focusing on the video tutorials. I think a lot of people are interested in the techniques, but they are all over the world. I have many subscribers in other countries. But thank you for your interest.

  1. more hours of watching. not to complain, but i would rather have silence or just you speaking and not the music background. and i wonder about the thread sketching on the purse. are you doing it with a zig zag stitch? feed dogs down? using the free motion foot? hard for me to see and it is so fast with the speed. Loved the white sulphur. I hve forwarded your site to friends who quilt. thank you for your time and information. love your work

    1. Thanks, Gail. I do sometimes free-motion a zigzag with the “darning” foot, with or without feed dogs down. I usually do a practice bit and see how I like how my stitches look before deciding on dogs up or down. Sorry for the shortcomings. Hard to make a video that shows exactly what every viewer wants to see, but thank you for watching and promoting them to friends. I do appreciate your support. I could not stand to make the videos with just bad audio (voiceovers) and my machine buzzing and chomping away. In fact usually there is something like the news or NCIS blaring in the background. Again, sorry for the parts you don’t like. Beth

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