about the artist

Beth Uda decided to learn to quilt as a new mother. Early projects were wallhangings incorporating star blocks hand-pieced by her grandmother before her death 20 years earlier. While Beth loves traditional quilts (both her grandmothers were traditional quilters—one in Hawaii, the other in the Midwest), her quilts break all the rules she’s bothered to learn. “Usually I see the finished piece in my head before I start,” Uda says, “it’s just a matter of working through the order of construction, experimenting, to make it happen in fabric.”
Born in Iowa City and raised in Iowa, Hawaii, and Montana, Beth is as strongly influenced by the arid mountain landscape as she is by the flowers of the Islands. She has a BA in Public Information and Mass Communication from Montana State University and quilts as a means of connection. She started sewing Barbie tube dresses by machine at age 6 or 7 and sewed garments prolifically through high school.  A love of fiber brings her in front of a sewing machine time and again.


I can’t help myself…I love this kitty so much, I could watch him sew for an hour. And I am not a cat person. I wonder if I could teach him to sew potholders…

deluxe-potholders-big…a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds…







christmasI have three gift project tutorials planned for release in time for your holiday sewing. We’ll start with a barbecue apron. I’ll also get back to the landscape project I started in the spring. Thanks for your patience.