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Directness and sincerity

It is about connection

Zazu’s Stitch Art and Why Shouldn’t It Be Beautiful? are sharing original designs and fiber art sewing techniques, philosophy, and tutorials by Helena, Montana fiber artist Beth Uda, covering original wall hangings to funky potholders, and everything in between.

Artist’s Statement: More and more I find that the various techniques of surface design appeal to me because I believe directness and sincerity are their own rewards. Often an effect can be achieved at any point in the process in a way that I find liberating. Many of the fiber techniques that I do, the way that I do them, rely on premeditation. Surface work allows me more freedom to bring a piece nearer its potential when the impulse is still fresh, ready to come alive.

Something about the random collage/quilting technique—which I’ve been exploring for a decade now—appeals to both sides of my personality: the control freak and the flower child.

I’ve always anticipated my larger designs in visual flashes and then pieced together what I’ve seen. The work continues to be about connection.

The small functional pieces teach me what I need to know about the materials to approach working on a larger scale. I also enjoy the feedback I get from people who like using the things I make and whose creative lives have been enriched by my efforts as a teacher.

Directness and sincerity sewn into a purse top by Zazu's Stitch Art

This design could not be achieved without surface work














christmasI have three gift project tutorials planned for release in time for your holiday sewing. We’ll start with a barbecue apron. I’ll also get back to the landscape project I started in the spring. Thanks for your patience.