contact Zazu

You can always contact me using the email icons in the upper and lower right-hand corners of this site, or by commenting anywhere on the site. Also, messages on Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest and even Etsy convo will all reach me. I am happy to clarify any information, or try to point you in the right direction if you have questions on matters related somehow to what I am doing.

Finally, I do enjoy hearing about the journeys of artistic sewers everywhere. I think empowering and nurturing one another in the creative realm is one of the great joys of adult life. Oh, and if you want to help me out, read below…

Call for photos for the new Viewer Projects page: if you have photos of projects that were in some way inspired or informed by Zazu’s Stitch Art, please allow me to include them in this gallery to encourage others. I would love to include your first name (last too, if you like) as well as your city, state, province or country as applicable. See image guidelines below.

EASY SUBMISSION of your photos:

Email me from the About on YouTube
Email from this site
Pin on Pinterest and message me where to find it
Etsy convo and attach image
Post on Zazu’s Stitch Art’s Facebook page.

Call for photos for the new At Home page: if you have a piece that I made and would like to show it here, please send a photo. Humans and animals can be included in the pictures. I would like to know the location where the work resides, such as city and state. Note image guidelines below.

Image guidelines: I will do my best with whatever you can provide. But ideally images should be 500-600 pixels in at least one direction, certainly under 1 MB and as crisp as possible, so that detail shows well.

Thanks again for your continued support. Beth/Zazu