quilt care

A note about my hand-dyed/painted fabrics:  My Procion-dyed fabrics have been fixed with soda ash and washed with Synthrapol at least once to remove stray dye, as well as washed with a regular detergent at least once. You should not see any staining from these fabrics. Even so, it is never the best laundry practice to put colors in with lights. Any  painted, stenciled, or stamped designs have been heat fixed with a very hot iron and should respond well to gentle washing.

press-to-hang-1Wall quilt care: Vacuum periodically with a clean attachment and a low suction setting. Wash as you would an antique quilt. The video at left describes how to steam press your quilt. Click the picture or this link. Basically, use a hot steam iron from the back side of the piece only, lifting and moving steam iron. Do not drag iron and stretch piece. Lay flat on a clean surface and pat flat while still hot. Dry completely before rehanging.

Bags, cosmetic bags, eyeglass cases: Surface scrub only as long as you can get away with it. Then handwash, air dry thoroughly and carefully.  Please never wring or twist.A hot steam iron through a press cloth will crisp things up if done carefully. Washing will remove the anti-stain treatment. You can buy a can at the hardware store and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Aprons:  Machine wash; tumble dry. Don’t over-dry. Press from the back side if desired.

Oven mitts, potholders, stitched trivets, placemats, napkins, etc.:  Wash these with similar items as you would your dish towels and dish rags. Try not to over dry.

Bag holders: The canvas isn’t pre-washed. Surface scrub only.

Rice products: Surface scrub with very little moisture.

poppyphbigActually, no. I don’t like problems. I avoid them when I can, and I don’t like people pointing them out to me.

–Lorelai Gilmore