prop your foot

Level up and take bulk in stride with this simple tip…your machine can do this

Skipped, loose, baggy, and over-long stitches, bent and broken needles, seams that aren’t firmly joined in the bulky areas–if these problems are keeping you from taking your construction to the next level, learn to prop your foot every time you come to a tough spot. The secret behind leveling up is that a level foot allows your machine to form a stitch that matches those that came before and those that will come after. Keep your top-stitching neat and tidy and your seams good and strong. And the best part? You already have tools to keep your foot level in your house. I cover this and more in this video.

  1. Commercial Seam Busters
  2. Height Compensating Plates–an accessory to some machines
  3. Half a Clothespin
  4. Cardboard Shims
  5. Old Belt Loops
  6. Fabric and Batting Scraps
  7. Cheater Method: Go Slow and Walk – this will help maintain decent stitch quality in many bulky situations, especially if you loosen your presser foot pressure (which may not be possible with all machines).

christmasI have three gift project tutorials planned for release in time for your holiday sewing. We’ll start with a barbecue apron. I’ll also get back to the landscape project I started in the spring. Thanks for your patience.