Pinless Pro Mitered Corner Napkins: New PDF Folding Paper Model

This fold is counter-intuitive

Pinless Mitered Hems PRO METHOD is my most popular video, but not everyone has an easy time with the corner fold at first. Especially for beginners, who are already on a steep learning curve, making mitered corner napkins can be a challenge. But this project doesn’t have to be out of reach!

For those folks, I’ve made this printable model of the fold: Mitered Corner Paper Model (for pinless mitered napkins).pdf 

This fold is the fastest way that I know to miter a hemmed napkin corner so that it looks beautiful and will survive years of use and laundering. So it is well worth learning how to do it! But the fold is a little counter-intuitive, until you get the hang of it. I actually have to re-figure it out myself when I haven’t made napkins for a long time!!

Open pdf to view/print. Tape pages back to back.








The PDF has complete instructions, but I’ve added a few still pics taken when I was testing the model. Click them to enlarge.

And please let me know if the model helps you! I always love hearing how things are working!

Click to watch video

The 20-minute video, included here for convenience, covers the entire project, from ironing to gift boxing. Click pic to open the video in another tab and watch it on YouTube.