viewer projects…inspiration abounds…creativity is catching

Inspiration Abounds and Creativity is Catching – these are viewer projects shared with me since I started the YouTube tutorial project in July 2015. Please send me any images you’d like added to these pages…please allow me to credit you by at least your first name and your location, if possible. For image guidelines for viewer projects click here to check the bottom of my Contact page on the What’s New menu. Thanks, Beth/Zazu

Here are the 2017 Projects so far: Mouse over to see hidden captions…click to enlarge…

Brenda Lorance, Cascade, MT

Marty Campbell, Boise, ID

Bonnie French, Corning, NY

Lori Feldman, sewing for her sister

Shirley Bruce from Australia

Margaret from Austin

Rebecca from Indiana

Pascale Michalski from London on silk

Tove Johanssen – Norway

Diana Wright – Texas

Sue Costelloe – Southern highlands Australia

Here are the 2016 Projects: Mouse over to see captions…

Rebecca from Indiana

Jeanne Holtzman

Coby Lange

Chris’ Mom

Pascale Mickalski

Susan Norgren

Arlene Hanna


K. Taltre

Viewer Projects Drawing Official Rules & Guidelines – DEADLINE IS PASSED

REMEMBER: the purpose is to inspire and empower each other to push ourselves creatively, not judge or correct one another…

TWO DRAWING PRIZES/TWO WINNERS (You can pick your items/fabrics/themes from my available, sewn inventory):
PRIZE #1 – 1 Potholder & 1 Mitt set w/2 napkins
PRIZE #2 – Zipping eyeglass case

Click to watch 68 sec. video on the drawingcontest-only-copy

DEADLINE IS PASSED. Any future drawing will be announced on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest…

Your guidelines:
1. Send me 1 or more electronic pictures of your project(s). J-pegs preferred. [The item(s) may be unfinished.] I will consider your submission to carry your permission to use the images in the next slideshow and here on the web unless you tell me otherwise.

2. Indicate whether you want any or all of this information provided with your pictures on the Viewers Projects page on my website:
a) first name;
b) last name;
c) your general geographic location (such as city and state);
d) short comments you have about the work.

3. The purpose of the drawing is to get viewers to share their experiences using the tutorials in their own efforts, but of course you can enter without submitting an image.

drawing prize

One of two prizes – you can pick your fabric or theme…

My guidelines:
1. I’ll put each entrant’s name in the drawing.
2. I’ll conduct the drawing on 11-16-16
3. I’ll message you for a mailing address, find out your choices from my available, finished inventory, and then mail you the item(s) asap.

Contact me in any of the ways below. Attach your image or tell me where to find it (as on your own Pinterest board). Remember, I’ll need to contact you back for your preferences and a mailing address if you win the drawing.

Contact me so many ways, including email:
ZSA on Facebook
ZSA on Twitter
ZSA Etsy shop convo
ZSA Pinterest
ZSA Google

You can find this info again in these locations: below my video, Connect Mountains to Sky | Part 4 Landscape Quilting Tutorial video; in the ZSA Channel Discussion Tab; or on my website’s Viewer Projects page (right here).

My obligation to YouTube: This contest is solely the project of Zazu’s Stitch Art and complies with legal obligations where I reside. The drawing is not sponsored by YouTube, and your entry carries with it a release of YouTube for any liability. You and I, however, must comply with YouTube’s community guidelines, if they are applicable, or else your entry will need to be disqualified:

pdfsThe patterns are free, and so is the advice. Click the red logo or the blue link to visit my free pdf page, or find it on  the main menu.