Zazu’s Video Sewing Tutorials

Visit Zazu’s Stitch Art on YouTube…Why Shouldn’t It Be Beautiful?…a video sewing tutorials channel devoted to sharing what I’ve learned from years working in fabric and thread. Unlock, explore, and express your creative impulses through sewing and quilting…

The two promotional videos below explain my video tutorial project pretty well.

Inspired by organic shapes, my intricately stitched and layered fiber work celebrates color, texture and movement. I use a sewing machine but guide the stitching by hand. Material and technical highlights: free-motion quilting of mostly commercial fabrics used in unusual ways, raw-edged applique (washed and trimmed like cutoffs), artist-dyed fabrics, hand applied inks and fabric paints (heat set), trapunto, hand beading. I cut and dye any leather myself. I use quirky but highly functional detailing: bags are zippered or have a large zipper wallet/checkbook pocket; most straps adjust; table pieces have fabric hanging loops or stand well in a plate rack; wall art hangs easily on lath and 2 small nails.

An important note about the sewing tutorial videos: the actual teaching videos are intended to build skills as you watch them, even if you don’t make the projects. I talk a lot about the creative process, why I use the techniques and tools that I use, and how I handle fabric to achieve the results I get. I also have included extensive time stamps links (clickable) in the towel section below most of the tutorial videos. I also have a series of short form videos, called Pro Tips, that focus on specific topics. You can easily click to skip through the video to a topic, or find and re-watch a section from a video you’ve already seen.

Please join me… 

Body of Work video

Create with Confidence promo video

christmasI have more than gift project tutorials planned for release in time for your holiday sewing. We’ll start with a rice trivet and move through coasters and other applique items.





I have too many video sewing tutorials on YouTube to feature them all here. These two are basically channel ads, but they give you a good idea of the work I’ve been covering. Each Throwback Thursday I will post expanded information on the blog to go with one of my earlier videos.





The patterns are free, and so is the advice. Click the red graphic or the blue text to visit my free pdf page.